Our Chips

  • Gluten Free
  • No Preservatives

Greenday proudly presents the “Snack of the century”.

Our Product is a premium brand of fruit and vegetable chips made from the finest raw ingredients via highly advanced technology, without any additives, preservatives or food colouring.

Our products are crunchy, low in fat and high in fibre which is widely proven to be the perfect snack for all ages.

Broccoli Chips

Vacuum Fried Range

Our Vacuum Fried range are produced using only fresh and ripe produce. From here, moisture is rapidly removed under reduced frying temperatures of less than 80°C in rice bran oil, one of the world’s healthiest oils.

Through this process, the product only absorbs 2% of the oil, in comparison to 44% in traditional potato chips.

The end product of this is crispy, low fat and high in fiber snack that still has its original fresh flavours, nutrients and colours.

Banana ChipsBanana Chips
Okra ChipsOkra Chips
Jackfruit ChipsJackfruit Chips
Pineapple ChipsPineapple Chips
Taro ChipsTaro Chips
Mixed Fruit ChipsMixed Fruit Chips
Broccoli ChipsBroccoli Chips
Durian ChipsDurian Chips
Mango ChipsMango Chips

Vacuum Dried Range

The fruit in Greenday’s crispy snack range are made by a new process of Vacuum Drying, which removes the air around the fresh ripe fruit at reduced pressure at low temperatures. By doing this, the fruits’ natural taste, colour, texture and nutritional value is retained, making it deliciously crispy.

Crispy Strawberry ChipsCrispy Strawberry Chips
Crispy Banana ChipsCrispy Banana Chips
Crispy Grape ChipsCrispy Grape Chips
Crispy Peach ChipsCrispy Peach Chips
Crispy Apple ChipsCrispy Apple Chips