Below are questions that may be asked about the Greenday range.

There are two methods used for different variant, one range is cooked via Vacuum Frying in rice bran oil. The other range is Vacuum Dried.
Vacuum Fried process, the fruit and vegetable is fried in rice bran oil (one of the world’s healthiest oils) at reduced pressure. This leaves the fruit/vegetable deliciously crispy and an oil content of only around 2%.
Rice bran oil, one of the world’s healthiest oil, is used for the Vacuum Fried range. Through vacuum frying, the end product only contains 2-3% oil, while the Crispy range there is NONE!
They only come in the current size
Yes it is, only fresh fruit and vegetables are selected.
All range is gluten free
Only two of the variants contains the smallest amount of salt. Broccoli, with only 1%, and taro with only 0.34%.
No preservatives or additives!
None across the whole range
Only the tiniest amount in the Vacuum fried range, no more than 3gr per pack, and NONE at all in the Crispy vacuum dried range.
Maltodextrin can be found in the Taro (0.33%) and Mixed Fruit (0.33%) variant. This is a sweetener derived from 100% corn starch.